The Development Office

What is Development?  What do we do?


We CONNECT our community of former pupils and staff to build a network of support. It can range from reconnecting friends from school days to assisting those seeking career advice.

We ENGAGE in friendship to build relationships that benefit the community and our schools.

We SUPPORT our alumni associations with their activities and publications. Our focus has been through The Loughburians , the association of all LHS, LGS and Fairfield communities. We are delighted to be moving forward with reinvigorating and supporting the alumni association of Loughborough Amherst School.

We INFORM through producing newsletters, magazines and social media content to raise awareness and update our communities with news, announcements of news and current school activities and events.

We ASK you for support. We may ask for your advice, your skills, or your opinions. We ask that you keep the contact details we hold up to date. We ask for your time, thoughts and passion for your school. We ask for your help in giving to our fundraising campaigns, which you do most generously. We know we ask for a lot, and are very thankful for all that you do for us.

If you want to know more about what we do, please contact:

Jane Harker
Director of Development & External Relations
[email protected]
01509 638920

Our commitment to your privacy

Our current campaigns:

Music Tuition Assistance Scheme

Music education is important, we want to be able to ensure that barriers to taking up an instrument are not insurmountable.

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Senior girls’ sports facility appeal.

Our new Sports Facility is designed to be an exciting and accessible environment for members of our community to participate in sports and develop their skills and fitness.

Our current facilities will be developed in such a way to motivate our girls to get active and stay active for life.

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Burton Bursaries and Legacies

Bursaries have a life-changing impact on those who receive them. Support a child directly or help us to offer more assisted places to able pupils.

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