About Loughborough Endowed Schools

Loughborough Endowed Schools is a charitable foundation of four independent schools operating under a single Board of Trustees/Directors. The Foundation comprises Loughborough Grammar School (boys, 10-18, day and boarding), Loughborough High School (girls, 11-18), Fairfield Preparatory School (co-educational, 3-11) and, from 1st September 2015, Our Lady’s Convent School (co-educational 3-11, girls 11-18).

Loughborough Grammar School was established in 1495, both Loughborough High School and Our Lady’s Convent School in 1850, whilst Fairfield Preparatory School has been an autonomous school since 1969.

The schools are situated on two neighbouring campuses on the south side of Loughborough. They enjoy an excellent reputation for their academic, cultural and sporting achievements, and for the quality of their pastoral care. An extensive transport system for pupils operates across the East Midlands.

The Loughborough Endowed Schools Foundation is renowned for its ongoing programme of improvements to its facilities. Significant investment has been made in a state-of-the-art science park and a dedicated Music School, and at Fairfield, an £8m new school building is approaching completion. It will house a brand new Kindergarten for children age 3+ which opens in January 2016.

The Loughborough Endowed Schools Foundation employs approximately 500 staff in both teaching and non-teaching roles. The four Heads are responsible for the management of educational activities whilst business aspects of the Foundation are managed by the Foundation Secretary and Treasurer through the centralised functions of finance, estates, health & safety, catering, network services, human resources, marketing, commercial, and the development office.

Our Legal Status

The Loughborough Endowed Schools’ Foundation is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee, number 4038033, and is a registered charity, number 1081765.

Twenty-two voluntary governors are both trustees of the charity and directors of the company limited by guarantee. The Board of Governors meets at least three times a year and the governors also operate ten functional committees, which have been formed to regulate and oversee the activities of the Foundation and the individual schools.


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